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Background and Bill Review Breakdown

American Medical Auditors has pioneered Medical Bill Review Services and has become a leading provider of medical bill review solutions specializing in Hospital Medical Bill review, reductions for your liability on workers injury claims in the maritime industry


Through the use of an integrated process, American Medical Auditors strives to reduce cost and improve outcomes of  maritime claims throughout the industry. Utilizing through medical bill review, rapid turnaround, customized reporting and electronic data transfer.


American Medical Auditors performs usual and customary review, adjusting medical, hospital and surgical  bills using the Official Medical Fee Schedule, the Applicable Inpatient Fee Schedule (where applicable) and discounts generated through pharmacy networks.


The management team at American Medical Auditors has administered Medical bill review, auditing programs since 1986. American Medical Auditors senior staff has managed bill review and Utilization Review Programs for self-administered public and attorneys, third party administrators and insurance companies. In addition they have more than 20 years of experience in the management and development of Medical bill review.


AMA offers both traditional Mail-in services along with one on one consultations with what is considered to be the fastest turn around time in the industry.  All operations are directly managed for quality assurance and administration, making the company’s quality control procedure second to NONE!



Bill review companies save payers millions of dollars in health care fees every year. A recent audit by the General Accounting Office of the federal Government found overcharges on 95% of provider bills. Charges for treatment of work related injuries are regulated by law in every state in the U.S., yet less than 1% of health care providers bill their services at the statutory rates.


"Pioneers of the Maritime Billing Industry"